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‘Thank you for making my dad a celebrity’ – Between Dele Momodu and daughter of his vendor friend of 20 years


Few days after Nigerian media personality, Dele Momodu was dragged on social media after he shared a photo of his vendor friend of 20 years, the man’s daughter has thanked him for making her dad a ‘celebrity’.

According to @helen_omon, she was shocked when people called her attention to the photo, and she was much more angrier that her dad has such a friend for over 20 years yet he can’t help him.

Her tweet reads;

Thanks so much sir for making my Dad a celebrity, though some people are angry seeing the picture you posted about my dad and of you not helping him,they are very right cos I was shock when someone drew my attention to the story.
I was very angry when I saw the post and called my dad right away, you could he has such a friend yet he can’t help us, he replied and said God’s time is the best, God will crown our effort with success. Sir thanks for being his friend for 20 years, at least you are not ashamed of him.
You are so right,it’s an option jare.if Buhari decides to pack all his old friends to villa kamala for don burst na

However Dele Momodu replied the tweet saying:

My dear Helen, good morning. Since you have decided to write this here, I have no choice than to respond here. I’ve been a loyal customer of your dad for about two decades and I love his sense of duty. I do not know any member of his family, including you.

I religiously checked on him anytime I was in Ibadan and he was always happy to see me as a friend and I gave him and the petrol attendants whatever I could and moved on on my journey.

On the said day, our petrol tanks were almost full and my driver said it would take us to Lagos and I said we should still stop to see my friend the vendor. Your dad was eating when he saw my car and he immediately jumped up to come to me. And he came down and we moved aside. I invited my Assistant Tunde Martins to exchange numbers with your dad and told him to henceforth make your dad the sole distributor of Ovation in Ibadan with a commission of 50 percent. Not just that, I gave your dad more than a monthly minimum wage in cash and left.

However @helen_omon who retracted her statement in a subsequent tweet, wrote in response;

Good afternoon sir, I would have sent the msg but I don’t just know how ,sorry if I offended you ,am not criticising you,he is dutiful and we are proud him.


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