Nigerian man opens up about his battle with depression & the time he attempted to take his life

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Nigerian Poet, Romeo Oriogun whose poems mostly deal with what it means to live as a queen in Nigeria, has opened up about his battle with depression and the time he attempted to take his life.

The Federal Road Safety Corps officer took to his Facebook on Thursday, to describe the moment he overdosed on aspirin in an apparent suicide attempt.

“November 2016, I went to work looking all happy but inside I had given up, my body was empty and all I saw was darkness, there was no way out of there. I will end up overdosing on aspirin after researching about its effects for hours, I will be saved by Kam’s call and rushed to the hospital, the next day I will experience a massive breakdown and Joseph will take me down to Benin where I will be checked into a hospital to begin my journey of recovery.

“Every day people are going through hell, the ones who look so happy sometimes are the ones at the edge of life.”


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