American dad reveals how he babysat their kid in his wife’s absence

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This is very hilarious and very creative lol, poor child doesn’t know she is being tricked by her father.

A Nigerian father has shared how he kept his child occupied when her mother was away at work.

In a post he shared on his Facebook, the man has narrated how he made a hole on his shirt and inserted a feeding bottle that had his baby’s food.

He tricked his baby, as she fed from it assuming she was actually feeding from her mother’s breast. The man has narrated since he doesn’t have breast and his child was disturbing, that’s the only way to distract her until her mother is done from the kitchen.

He wrote:

“Wife was working and my daughter didn’t want me because I didn’t have breast milk so I tricked her lil cut a hole in my shirt lol …. #KingFavorsFlavors #BeautèFavors”



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